Tygerburger Milnerton - 14 Aug 2019

Table of content - Tygerburger Milnerton (14 Aug 2019)

Club shakes things up
Homeless benefits from acts of kindness project
Syndicate slapped with a heavy sentence
Building each other up brick by brick
Involvement of the community praised
Call to join the watch
Promoting the importance of books
Eyes set on world record
Women’s breakfast held
Schools to battle it out for High School Jam title
Time to find óúr missing billions
Vroue en geld – wees betrokke!
Wees dankbaar en positief
Stop hurting our animals, people
Your kids learn from your deeds
Waar is respek vir gestremdes?
Huis Jabes kry huis as geskenk
Property boost in Welgedacht, Durbanville
Twizza athletics series on track
Rugbykoors loop hoog dié Augustus
UWK vermorsel Villager met 52-21
Blue Downs to face stiff competition
Local cycles his way to the top

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